How to get a cook county birth certificate


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Cook County Vital Records office is now terrible

For hours and locations, call or visit mycurrencyexchange. Records must be picked up at the store by the customer at a later time.

Visit us in person at one of our six locations Most records are printed on demand while you wait at any of our locations downtown and five suburban courthouses. Print the Genealogical Request Form and mail it along with the specified fee to the address on the form. It's important to understand, though, that a large number of births went unreported and there may not be a certificate to be found.

Registering your child for school? You'll need a birth certificate.

Locate the Record If you have a film number for a birth record up through , the certificate should be available online for viewing and downloading by visiting a family history center or an affilliate library. If you have a folder number only , the record may or may not be available online. Check availability before making a trip to a family history center. To do that, follow the steps below for finding the records at a family history center.

If you get to a point where there is a camera with a key next to the difital folder number, the record will be available on FamilySearch.

Vital Records | Cook County Clerk's Office

If there is only a magnifying glass or no icon at all, it will not be available on FamilySearch and you will need to get the matching record from the Cook County Clerk's Office. Once the page loads, locate the film number or digital folder number. Use Control or Command F to find the number; the entries sort by title which can make it difficult to locate a number manually.

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If you've confirmed availability ahead of time, there should be a camera icon next to the film number. If so, click the film number. If not, read the note at the bottom of this section. If you're using a family history center computer, you'll want to take a USB drive. If you forget, an easy way to assure access to them once you're home is to upload them to the Memories section of your FamilySearch account. Note: For birth certificates up through , the camera icon should not have a key over it if you are accessing the page through a Family History Center's network.

If there is a magnifying glass icon next to the film or folder number, but no other icon, the record is indexed, but isn't available through FamilySearch. This should not be the case with birth certificates through , but may be the case with the delayed birth certificates. If so, you will need to obtain a copy of the record from the Cook County Clerk's Office. In the past, researchers retrieved the death certificates through from FamilySearch microfilm. It's also possible to get these records from the Cook County Clerk's Office, but unless a certified copy is needed, there's usually no reason to do so.

If you can't find what you need there, you can submit a search request through Cook County's Genealogy Online website. For , look for birth register pages and be aware, when searching the indexes, that many entries do not include given names. For , get certificates from FamilySearch microfilm.

For forward, get certificates from the Cook County Clerk's office or website. Many births before went unreported.

Chicago Genealogy Insiders' Research Tips---Cook County Vital Records Website

If you can't find a record created at the time of birth and the person lived into the s, look for a delayed birth certificate. Birth Records Available through FamilySearch Chicago Birth Registers, About these records The birth registers created by clerks copying information from birth certificates "returns of birth" onto pre-numbered lines in large register books. This method provided a systematic way of assigning certificate numbers and created an easy-to-skim list of reported births. The certificates are original records, filled out by a person in attendance at the birth, usually a physician or midwife; the registers are derivative.

Although the information should be the same in both, the potential for copying errors or shortened entries a country, for example, rather than a town and country, for a parent's place of birth , means researchers should always seek out the original certificates. They are available from forward.

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Indexing A free index to these records is available at FamilySearch. Another index Cook County Birth Index, is available on microfiche. However, if you don't find an entry in the birth index, it is possible, and worthwhile, to search the birth registers directly. Doing this can help you find births that were recorded under an unexpected spelling or births that were registered but missed by the index rare, but possible.

Arrangement The arrangement varies depending on the time period. Entries were probably made in the order that the returns were received and they are not alphabetical by surname or chronological by birth day.

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In the early registers, most of the entries for a particular month are together, but entries for other months will be intermingled. For example, if a January birth was reported in March, it would appear with the March births.

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This does not seem to be the case with the later volumes. The later volumes have alphabetic sections for a particular time span often six months. In other words, a volume might begin with all of the "A" surname births January, followed by a blank page or two, followed by all of the "A" surname births for February, etc. Information generally found on these records register number child's name child's sex no.

How to Get a Birth Certificate in Cook County

Tips for searching the birth registers 1 Each birth register film may include two or three different register volumes. When you look up the film number, make a note of which film item you will be looking at. Scroll through to the right item, locate the surname letter group and the correct month, and then use the register number to find the correct entry. If you approach your search in this way, it is important to remember that in the early registers, births may not have been recorded in the month that they occurred. For example, it is possible to find a January births recorded on pages which have mostly February births, etc.

For example, you might find "J" entries between the "B" and "C" entries, if that was where the clerk found a blank page to record the "overflow.

how to get a cook county birth certificate How to get a cook county birth certificate
how to get a cook county birth certificate How to get a cook county birth certificate
how to get a cook county birth certificate How to get a cook county birth certificate
how to get a cook county birth certificate How to get a cook county birth certificate
how to get a cook county birth certificate How to get a cook county birth certificate
how to get a cook county birth certificate How to get a cook county birth certificate
how to get a cook county birth certificate How to get a cook county birth certificate
how to get a cook county birth certificate How to get a cook county birth certificate
How to get a cook county birth certificate

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