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Bowers, A. Daryl A.

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Robinson, A. Neal B. Childers, A. All the Justices concur. Marvin Yizar is currently incarcerated in the general population of the Valdosta Correctional Institution where he is serving a life sentence for murder. State, Ga. The trial court denied filing the petition under O. Mandamus is an extraordinary remedy which will not issue to compel a public officer to perform a discretionary act, unless a gross abuse of that discretion has been shown. Cofer, Ga. The court may deny the filing of a civil action under O.

Yizar's petition alleges that he continues to face a substantial risk of harm in the general population of the facility where he is presently housed. Long, who represented Hayes, said local courts are equally as responsible for the abusive industry practices that persist. Echoing findings in the Human Rights Watch report, Long said local courts happily accept their cut of the payments companies collect and turn a blind eye to their collection practices.

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The courts are meant to make a financial assessment before jailing someone for not paying off his debts. Lately, that responsibility has been handed off to the private companies, which have an economic stake in determining if a person has the money to pay the fines. Companies rarely spend the time or effort to determine if an offender can pay off his debt to the court system. This leaves Long seething. That has landed the companies, ironically, in the courts to defend themselves. Sentinel has been the target of several Georgia lawsuits alleging abusive practices linked to fine collection, according to Georgia court documents.

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Judicial Correction Services also has been named in several lawsuits. Long alone has filed more than a dozen civil lawsuits against Sentinel, which works with several courts in the state. Each time, he has argued that it is unconstitutional to jail someone for being poor. In each case, company officials argue that they have not broken the law because only courts have the authority to issue arrest warrants. Sentinel spokeswoman Ann Marie Dryden said that the company is committed to helping the offenders it supervises fulfill the terms of their probation and leave the criminal justice system.

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Sentinel says it helps offenders meet the court-ordered terms of their probation, which they might otherwise miss. It also offers guidance, after-hours assistance and English-as-a-second-language classes, according to its website. The probation companies do have defenders as well as enemies.

Dale Allen, chief probation officer for Athens-Clarke county in Georgia, has worked for both the private and public probation sector. Due to massive state budget cuts, across the country state prison facilities are beginning to charge inmates in order to garner the funds to maintain detention services.

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  5. This week The Christian Science Monitor reported that a growing number of jails and sheriffs departments are also charging inmates and raising costs for a number of items -- from snacks to room and board -- a move authorities say is necessary to counter rising costs and budget cutbacks. Charging inmates for their own incarceration - also known as "pay-to-stay" fees - is a trend that began about 20 years ago in Alabama, and soared in popularity around the country under the "tough-on-crime" policies of the Reagan and Clinton eras.

    By about one-third of the county jails in the United States had policies charging inmates for their own incarceration. Some of these fees were collected through the inmate's bank account during incarceration and others through civil litigation aimed at a prisoner's estate or properties once they were released.

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    The trend, while not new, is quickly gaining popularity again around the country as the recession deepens. Several states in the South also charge probationers monthly fees for seeing a probation officer. It's already been a big year for pay-to-stay programs over all. Earlier this year, Maricopa County, Ariz. And last month in Richmond, Va. In a more controversial policy, several states also charge inmates for their medical and dental needs. In Georgia last month, Gov.

    Standard Minimum Rules for the Treatment of Prisoners

    Sonny Perdue signed a measure into law giving state prisons more power to charge inmates for their medical costs while behind bars. This is a fee that state and county corrections officials can deduct from inmates' accounts. While several prisons around the country charge co-pays for medical procedures, prison rights advocates have argued that this is a dangerous trend.

    They point out that these policies not only create a system where only privileged inmates have access to care, but it also runs the risk of allowing the spread of illnesses like Hepatitis C among inmates because they are discouraged from seeking treatment.


    Doing time on their own dime: More states charge inmates for stays in jail, prison

    Keeping the poor impoverished Critics of pay-to-stay programs and prison fees say these policies place an unfair burden on the poor. As the Atlanta-based Southern Center for Human Rights explains on their Web site : To pay for the ever-increasing size of the criminal justice system, we are seeing more and more fees being levied against people who cannot afford them: fees for medical services, anger management classes, drug tests, police officers' funds, crime victims' funds, clerk fees, attorneys' fees, probation fees, and jail fees.

    A new trend is "room and board" fees in prisons and jails.

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