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If those reasons motivate you daily and deep down you really want this… then continue on. Some of your goals are: Being in charge of your income Not having a boss looming behind you Unlimited financial ceiling Work less for more money haha yeah right Supplement your income Location freedom, work from anywhere Set your own hours Build something big, to leave for your kids.

Nothing worthwhile in life is easy. There are a couple different ways to gather business information. Using the business name, and address is perfectly fine. What Are The Expected Returns? A Couple Tips Once you decide to follow this process, you will realize you need something more sophisticated than a notebook or excel in order to track your leads. Would love to hear them in the comments below. Related Posts. Kylie Crane April 16, Reply. We really need to get into more direct mail, calling by itself is a lot of work.

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Great post and advice. Wish I had this when I started out. Income Bully April 16, Reply. Mason April 16, Reply. Income Bully April 16, Mason April 16, Aiden April 16, Reply. Scraping non-US yellow pages. Ryan April 17, Reply. Income Bully April 17, Reply. Matty April 19, Reply. Income Bully April 19, Reply. Paul Leary April 19, Reply. T April 22, Reply. In your experience, are postcards more, less or as effective as letters with grabbers? Income Bully April 22, Reply.

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You guys in the US have great postal rates. Income Bully April 23, Reply. At that cost I would go as big as possible in dimensions. T April 24, A letter which is thin, light and A5 ish or less would cost the same as a postcard. Income Bully April 25, Justin Bilyj June 5, Reply. Income Bully June 7, Reply.

Add a Comment Cancel reply. Please use wisely. And get this Does this image look familiar to you? Another income opportunity! You know But Once More Google Analytics Check Is their website hooked up with Google Analytics which gives them valuable information about their site traffic, errors and more. But what does this all mean for you? If these poor people are wasting their money on something as useless and outdated as YellowPages, think how good you are going to look when with the same amount of money they are spending there, getting no results… They could be spending with YOU and getting far more results than they ever imagined was possible with thing like Facebook Ads, Maps Listings, Star Ratings in Google and the like….

With Our Reporting Whitelabel Option. They recently said it would be included in their next release December and guess what? The support is horrible and the theme itself is filled with background php errors. Thanks to your list, it looks like I may give Directory by templatic a chance. You sound like this task is not accomplished with a little work. Coding any theme these days is not any more difficult then cooking a pasta dish in an urban center food chain. Furthermore, you can not code a theme without errors anymore. That is why support for themes is so important now.

Just because the theme is error less today, does not reflect what might come tomorrow. Stop being so astute regarding someones opinion, especially if you are the developer, learn to handle constructive criticism and communicate with your users.

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It is only them you serve, not yourself. I agree, vantage is still lacking many modern day options that other releases have owned. I also have used the premium press entourage and although I use shopper press, I can not handle the directory press. It is too congested.

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I simply reminded him John that he has the option to create the theme as he sees fit, especially since it is so easy as you state. Life and business are a lot more enjoyable that way. Anyways, I refer to this list often and am glad it was put together. Home Page: A. A YouTube video that automatically plays B. On the home page, we would probably want some text and a few basic links ex. Company Registration Page: A. Companies enter their details in a registration form, click a box agreeing to certain terms and conditions, and pay a fee via credit card.

The company receives a confirmation email with all of the details. Admin Page: A. A way to keep track of companies registration and payment history Which theme would work best? LOL, I think that is exactly what he is doing research. And its never a bad idea to get others opinions. In fact its an awesome idea to get others opinions. If you were to add the Visual Composer Ulitmate Addons to the list for purchase then that adds even more flexibility for page design. I would recommend this theme having worked with it and spending a lot of time researching the others on the market.

For now i think that Glocal is the best out there. Also check out the themeforest directory competition that took place earlier this year. Great list. My favorite here is the business finder theme. It looks so modern and the style is slick. This list basically proves a point I keep making.

None of these themes does everything right. The other is up to them to figure out. If you know what you want, hire a developer and pay some thousand to get what you want, to modify one of these themes, or build it yourself. Just complaining on a forum how you know best, but offer no solution is unproductive. It should be ready this week. My experience with Directory by Templatic was dreadful.. I am not a programmer, so can you please explain how the Templatic Directory theme could have been better for customisation purposes? I worked with Templatic Directory theme for 6 months only to find that so many core template files needed tweaking by my team.

They gave me a full refund in the end. Steve, more than a year later now I read and totally agree with your post. Maps would also be great in order to let business show their location. Can you recommend a theme that might work best for my needs? The only potential issue it is that the listings in Directory are organised by city out of the box so it would depend on how wide the area is you want to cover and whether dividing up by city would be ok with your plans? I was hoping the customer could enter their postcode on sign-up and this would add their location to google maps.

I was just thinking about what you said. Is this possible with this Theme or do you know of any others? Its natural when you create a Directory that you can add buttons or symbols. Sertifications, awards or just classification. Hi, What I have noticed looking at most of these sites specially Templatic they listings are all categorized by listings and the search feature also works based on city names. I did not find any of them use zip codes and zip code search by distance as I think this would be more useful and users looking for.

Is there a way plugin or something to add zip code search to Directory theme by Templatic for example? Directory looks like the supreme choice.

money income business websites website yellow pages Money income business websites website yellow pages
money income business websites website yellow pages Money income business websites website yellow pages
money income business websites website yellow pages Money income business websites website yellow pages
money income business websites website yellow pages Money income business websites website yellow pages
money income business websites website yellow pages Money income business websites website yellow pages

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