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But the problem for Obama this morning wasn't the issue at hand, it was the optics -- the President interrupted Donald Trump's Portsmouth New Hampshire press conference, allowing Donald Trump to appear to have parity with him. I was just back there listening to Trump who was saying it's amazing that he's not going to be talking about national security.

I would not have the networks breaking in if I was talking about that, Chuck, and you know it. Ben Smith of Politico said that "the move suggests White House pollsters saw real danger to Obama here, and saw the distraction as hurting him more than Republicans. It's also a remarkable concession to the kind of freakshow politics that this White House disdains, but has found itself unable to ignore.

Even if this puts the whole "birther" issue to bed, Trump can tout this event as an accomplishment, as it appears that he put Obama on the defensive.

WH releases Obama's long-form birth certificate

While many think a Trump candidacy is a "gift," it may be at their own peril. Are you an idiot? Or you just being paid to act like one? Interesting result I did a similar poll Your attempt to associate the Governor with a discredited conspiracy is pathetic and beneath the dignity of your firm. Why dont you write about the leftist fringe conspiracy theorists that make up the core of Obama's base?

You sir may think of yourself as a blogger or an author but in truth you are nothing more than a professional liar and an unfortunate waste of skin. Posted by Tom Jensen at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. Social Media! Join us on Twitter and Facebook. Hire Us PPP offers the highest quality polling at the most affordable price of any company out there.

Contact Tom Jensen at tomj publicpolicypolling. Bennet's Primary Challenge Can Crist avoid the curse? Was Obama's approval ever that high? Colorado with alternate party weighting Ritter in a tough position Some thoughts on Etheridge Who doesn't think Hawaii is a state? Seats becoming competitive More on Obama's shifts in support Perdue approval on the rise I hear you in my mind, and the tone you use with me is oppressive and abusive. You really hurt me when you came to my door again after my son was born; it really was piss poor timing.

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I know what your voice sounds like. When I was younger I was afraid to stand up to you. I rarely told anyone when you came around because I was ashamed and embarrassed. Over the years I think you made me stronger, you showed me how resilient the human soul really is. You helped me make new friends and find new opportunities, just by talking about you. At the end of a week from hell and hormonal spiral I came to the conclusion that I am not, in fact, doing very well at practicing what I preach.

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It is not OK. And you know what else is not acceptable? Your balance does not look like my balance: your child weight might be more than mine perhaps you have 3 children instead of 1 , my work weight might be heavier than yours I am a teacher so I do much of my work at home instead of shutting down at the office , etc. I love teaching, and I have taught 4, even 5 college courses per quarter before.

I am still adjusting to motherhood in some sense. Reflecting on that through some journaling exercises helped me to understand just how silly that is. What works for us this week might look very different for the next.

His naps are getting shorter, and potty training is a full-time gig some days. And I decided it was time to pay attention. In my rampant yes-yes-yes-ing , I said no , without intending to, to rest, to peace, to groundedness, to listening, to deep and slow connection, built over years instead of moments.

I got caught up on the hustle loop. And you know what, that word, hustle, is really starting to piss me off. How about we all chill out, stop hustling, maybe even avoid it at all costs? What would it feel like to be on a path to being present in each of our daily tasks instead of trying to set a multitasking record? Our US American culture pushes the value of hustling down our throats so often that we are socialized to believe that if we have any down time we must be lazy. I am so excited to be a new life coach, creating content and doing workshops, so in addition to momming and wifing and teaching; I started going too fast.

I thought that because other people could be running at that pace; I should try it too. I cannot run at a In all of my doing, I started leaving out the elements of life that I was using to reset myself: the meditation, mindfulness reading and meal prepping.


President Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate

The moments of quietly reading a book and being totally aware of what I was reading. The opportunity to spend an entire day on the weekend chasing my son around the house and staying in pajamas. You actually have to do them.

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Mindfully and with intention. What do you need to take off your plate to feel more grounded? My birth story includes loss, of roles and temporarily of faith, but it also includes the birth of a whole new woman in ways well beyond motherhood. Around am during my first day of labor, I was still awake, hopping on the exercise ball every 9 or so minutes. The contractions had started lasting longer and becoming more intense. We drove to the hospital and got rejected 3 times.

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The first, on Saturday, was when my water broke. Or so I thought. Turns out I just peed all over everything. There may have been a few hours of mild relief. By Sunday my husband brought a folding chair into our shower. I was only comfortable underneath the pounding, hot water. Mostly standing and rocking. And crying.

And screaming into the walls every 4 or 5 minutes when the contractions came. I didn't eat or sleep.

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I didn't think much, either. There was an intense pain that swallowed my entire being. As I think back on the experience, I fight with disappointment and anger, mostly towards myself. I knew by the second time we went to the hospital that something was not right. I knew.

July 11, 2011

Not because I read a blog post about it, or went to a class for it.

obama long-form birth certificate squarespace Obama long-form birth certificate squarespace
obama long-form birth certificate squarespace Obama long-form birth certificate squarespace
obama long-form birth certificate squarespace Obama long-form birth certificate squarespace
obama long-form birth certificate squarespace Obama long-form birth certificate squarespace
obama long-form birth certificate squarespace Obama long-form birth certificate squarespace
obama long-form birth certificate squarespace Obama long-form birth certificate squarespace

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