Massachusetts marriage amendment vote results

DiMasi said that the nose counting went down to the wire and that he wasn't sure he had enough House members lined up until just minutes before the House and Senate convened in a joint session at 1 p. A few surprises, including news that Republicans Richard Ross and Paul Loscocco were dropping their support for the proposal, assured him that a victory was at hand.

We had no comfort level. To reassure legislators who fear that the state's legalization of same-sex marriages could force churches to do the same, Murray said she would push for passage of a bill sponsored by Loscocco that would make it clear that religious institutions can refuse to recognize gay marriages. This is the world we live in.

This is the world we cover. Because of people like you, another world is possible. There are many battles to be won, but we will battle them together—all of us.


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We want the world to be a better place. But we can't do it alone. It doesn't work that way. We need you. If you can help today—because every gift of every size matters—please do. Home Subscribe Donate. About Us Key Staff Testimonials. Search form Search. The Traditional Marriage Crusade received nearly all of its money from its parent organization, The Foundation for a Christian Civilization. It spent its funds on printing and distributing fliers and a direct mail piece. The ad against Carson suggested he might someday be open to gay rights arguments. Measure 36 was placed on the ballot following a successful initiative drive generally attributed to four Oregon ministers.

Although Oregon was seen by many as the state most likely to reject the marriage amendment, 57 percent of the voters supported it. However, that margin of victory was the smallest for any of the 13 amendments that came to a public vote in It raised another quarter of a million dollars from contributions that were below the limit for reporting the names of contributors.

Many contributors to the committee had ties in one way or another to the City Bible Church, which operates two campuses in the Portland area:. No on Constitutional Amendment 36 received about one-third of its contributions from three national gay- and lesbian-rights groups. The foundation supports programs and services for the gay and lesbian community, as well as efforts to advance their rights. Gill founded the software company Quark, and his Gill Foundation supports gay and lesbian rights.

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Focus on the Family contributed to the Defense of Marriage Coalition, despite initially saying it saw no need to become involved in the effort on Amendment Amendment 3 in conservative, Republican-dominated Utah won, but with a smaller margin of victory than in many other states. Sixty-six percent of the voters supported the ban, which was placed on the ballot by the Utah Legislature.

The measure drew a surprising amount of money, considering many political observers believed its passage was a given. Most of the money came from Bruce Bastian and his Bruce W.

Bastian Foundation. Bastian, a Utah resident and gay-rights activist, co-founded WordPerfect software. Buttars had sponsored legislation to define marriage in the law and declare same-sex unions performed in other states void in Utah. Christensen had sponsored the resolution that placed the constitutional amendment on the ballot. The source of those funds has remained under question; Marriage Education Initiatives formed as a nonprofit corporation on Oct. The complaint is under review.

The Traditional Marriage Crusade created a Utah ballot committee. All of its contributions came from its parent organization, The Foundation for a Christian Civilization, as in-kind contributions to cover printing and postage expenses. Search Ask Anything. Support Register Login. The Money Behind the Marriage Amendments. The remainder came primarily from state-based groups or others supporting gay and lesbian rights. Member organizations of the Arlington Group or organizations with ties to them were active on numerous fronts, by: forming campaign committees to support the measures in 11 of the 13 states.

Their contributions to a committee supporting the same-sex marriage ban represented 36 percent of the total contributions raised by the marriage amendment committees in Michigan. Church-related contributors gave 39 percent of the total raised in Arkansas, but much lower percentages in the other states in which they gave.

The vote in Oregon was the closest among all states, with 57 percent of Oregon voters approving passage and 43 percent opposing the initiative.

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  7. Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that criminalized homosexual sex, citing the right to privacy. James Dobson, head of the evangelical Christian organization Focus on the Family, said the issue of gay marriage was one of the most influential factors in the outcome of the election. But a few news stories during those months showed another force was at work, as well. A Washington Post article reprinted in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel on March 9 said leaders of the Arlington Group had jointly hired or loaned several full-time staff members to work on the gay-marriage issue. The Rev.

    William Owens, a member of the group, wrote a piece for the Memphis Commercial Appeal on June 20, saying the executive board of the Arlington Group had attended a meeting of the Coalition of African-American Pastors to speak to them about supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment. Kenneth Blackwell was the only non-senator to speak at a meeting of the U. Senate Republican Conference, where he discussed the need for a federal constitutional amendment defining marriage. That location led to the permanent name for the ongoing coalition — the Arlington Group. Focus on the Family, a Colorado-based organization headed by Arlington Group member James Dobson, created ballot measure committees to raise and spend money in seven of the 13 states: Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi and Montana.

    In addition, separate state groups related to Focus on the Family created their own ballot committees in Arkansas, Kentucky, Louisiana and Michigan. These state groups also contributed to other ballot committees in Arkansas, Michigan, Montana and Ohio. In many of those states, it was the first ballot committee to organize in support of the measure.

    The biggest individual contributors were: Bruce Bastian, the openly gay founder of WordPerfect software.

    David Maltz, who is involved with the Stonewall Democrats, a pro-gay rights group of Democrats. Holding Co. It also includes the Human Right Campaign and Basic Rights Oregon, 37 which contributed heavily to the anti-amendment effort in Oregon.

    Bush calls for ban on same-sex marriages

    CC Advertising Inc. David A. Smith Printing Inc. Strategies include developing language to counteract fears about gay marriage and cultivate support for marriage equality; presenting the stories of gay and lesbian couples through advertising, legislative testimony, and media appearances; developing state-by-state strategies; and building alliances with other gay- and lesbian-rights groups. A March article in the Kansas City Star announced an upcoming rally planned by area clergy members and the Coalition of African-American Pastors, to support the proposed Kansas constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.

    The article noted that the national leader for the effort was the Rev. In , Kansas legislators had defeated a similar proposal for a referendum. But the Legislature approved the referendum with the help of legislators elected in November Kelly Shackelford of the Plano-based Free Market Foundation helped write the amendment and led the campaign in favor of it. The contact person for information about ad prices was Clint Cline of Design 4; 52 Arlington Group member lists contain the name of a Clint Cline who is associated with a company named Design 4.

    Arlington Group influence can be seen in many of these states, primarily from Focus on the Family: In Arizona, conservative social groups began a petition drive in May to place an amendment on the November ballot. In California, two groups launched initiative drives to put marriage amendments on the ballot. It is currently raising money to hire professional signature gatherers.

    The group spearheading the drive is VoteOnMarriage. It also organized a November gathering of pastors at which a Focus on the Family vice president encouraged the ministers to have their congregations join the fight. The institute is a Focus on the Family state policy council and, while independent, partners with other groups, including Focus on the Family, the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defense Fund. And Arlington Group members are not limiting themselves to the push on marriage. Arlington Group Involvement Arlington Group members were active in a variety of ways, supporting the legislation that placed the measure on the ballot, organizing rallies at the Capitol during key points in legislative debates, 87 forming committees and contributing substantially to the effort to pass Amendment 1.

    Arlington Group Involvement Arlington Group member Focus on the Family established a committee but reported no contributions. The council is headed by Tony Perkins, a key leader of the Arlington Group. Nearly all of this money was reported as going to the Citizens for Protection of Marriage to support the amendment. Because the amount raised by the Family Research Council committee and the amount the Citizens for the Protection of Marriage reported receiving from the Family Research Council are so similar, it is possible that the disclosure reports involve the same pool of money.

    Also, as noted earlier, top contributor Elsa Prince Broekhuizen also was listed as a member of the Family Research Council board of directors for the tax year ending Sept. Focus on the Family was active in two different ways. Peter St. Arlington Group Involvement Two Arlington Group members had high-profile roles in the Ohio amendment, while another formed a committee in support and a fourth contributed funds.

    Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values led the push to gather signatures and also served as chairman of the Ohio Campaign to Protect Marriage, the primary committee supporting the amendment. Ohio Secretary of State J.

    Publications and Regulations: Massachusetts Register and Central Register Proposed Amendments

    Citizens for Community Values Action also paid to have professional signature-gatherers collect signatures for the ballot petitions; again, these expenses were not reported because they were not paid by committees formed specifically to campaign on the ballot measure. Both gave on Oct. National Gay- and Lesbian-Rights Giving No on Constitutional Amendment 36 received about one-third of its contributions from three national gay- and lesbian-rights groups.

    Arlington Group Involvement Focus on the Family contributed to the Defense of Marriage Coalition, despite initially saying it saw no need to become involved in the effort on Amendment However, the group discontinued its activity on Oct. Bott Radio Network Carl D. Hanna Let Freedom Ring Inc. Derek A.

    Massachusetts marriage amendment vote results
    Massachusetts marriage amendment vote results
    Massachusetts marriage amendment vote results
    Massachusetts marriage amendment vote results
    Massachusetts marriage amendment vote results
    Massachusetts marriage amendment vote results

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