Vehicle title search in arizona

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Level 1 Inspections for Bonded Titles

The following stipulations have been in place since January 1, Off-Highway Vehicle Decal: A new off-highway vehicle decal is required to be purchased each year for operation of any vehicle operated on unimproved roads, trails and approved use areas not suitable for conventional two-wheel-drive vehicular travel. An OHV with an unladen weight of eighteen hundred pounds or less.

The vehicle must have an Arizona license plate. The license plate must be securely attached to the rear of the vehicle and clearly visible.

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If you need to confirm the vehicle has been issued a license plate and title, you may request a Motor Vehicle Record MVR online at www. The OHV Decal shall be affixed to the upper left corner of the license plate.

The OHV Decal is valid for one year from purchase. You will NOT be sent a renewal notice. It is your responsibility to renew and display a current OHV Decal on your vehicle license plate annually.

Your vehicle will first need to be titled and then meet all on-highway equipment requirements, plus you will need to purchase the annual OHV Decal. The vehicle must be designed by the manufacturer primarily for travel over unimproved terrain and have an unladen weight of 1, pounds or less. If, at any time during the bond process, the customer is able to obtain the proper documents to complete the title transfer, the bond process stops, and normal titling process resumes. For example, if the customer sends a certified letter to the previous owner, and requests the title or a power of attorney, and the previous owner send the customer a power of attorney, the customer can then apply for a duplicate title and sign off the title to complete a regular title transfer.

The bond process is no longer required, and would stop.

Arizona VIN Check

Once the customer has completed all of the requirements, they will return with all of the transaction related documents:. Our customer service representitives will review all of the documentation the customer returns with, to determine if the bonded title process can be completed.

Once it has been determined that the process can be completed, the customer service representitive will inform the customer of the bond amount required. The customer will then need to contact an insurance company i. Ayala Insurance Service to purchase a surety bond for the amount being requested.

There's a form to complete. Bring photo ID. To register an out-of-state vehicle in Arizona you will need a completed, signed title application, emission compliance form, and level I vehicle inspection. To register an out-of-state vehicle you will also need an out-of-state title or registration, if the title is held by lien holder , out-of-state license plates, lien clearance, if applicable, your license plates, and a Power of Attorney from lessor original or certified copy , if it is a leased vehicle.

To find out where to get your vehicle inspected, call If you sell your car, you must complete and sign the reverse of the title. Have it notarized. Complete the reverse of the registration indicating that the vehicle has been sold. If for any reason you no longer own a vehicle that you had registered, complete the reverse of the registration indicating that you no longer own the vehicle and send it to MVD. There are more than 20 types of different plates in Arizona. Insurance is mandatory in Arizona for every vehicle registered.

Proof of insurance must be in the vehicle. If your vehicle is not required to be inspected, you may renew vehicle registration online.

vehicle title search in arizona Vehicle title search in arizona
vehicle title search in arizona Vehicle title search in arizona
vehicle title search in arizona Vehicle title search in arizona
vehicle title search in arizona Vehicle title search in arizona
vehicle title search in arizona Vehicle title search in arizona

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